The final stages of the build

As the build comes to a close I have learned a few things. One, you can never get it done in the amount of time that you plan. Two, there is always more stuff that needs to get done, before you can get it back on the road. Three it is never done.

Ford 9 inch after install.

Since I install this 54" wide axle the front never seemed as wide as before, ecspecially when it was a narrow track axle. So look for the Dana44 front install.

Design for new tire carrier.

I have also completed this recently and have the build posted on my other site. Jeep-fab

Wire harness.

The wire was a necessity, The previous owner liked to cut wire and twist them back together. Painless performance has exactly what you need. The installation procedures ae great and everything is labeled if the directions are unclear.

Misc. pictures after paint.




Spool Install

Part of my gearing problem was taken care of with the axle swap, but lockers may be in the future? The locker was just not in the budget, but a spool not that is a different story. The first two images are of the primer and paint of the Ford 9" housing. The last are of the old gears being put in the spool as well as the rest of the housing being painted.


Bead Locks

I have waited quite some time to get bead locks on my Jeep. I have, at times, had to change a tire in a very precarious positions, because I threw the tire off of the rim. My solution was to build my own instead of buying them. Where is the fun in that. For a full story read the build discussion on my forum.