Tech Articles

Front Axle Swap
Front Axle
  • Putting a Scout Dana 44 in a CJ7
  • Link
Rear Axle Swap
Rear Axle
  • Putting a Ford 9" in a CJ7
  • Link
Transfer Case Rotation
  • Clocking the Dana 300 Transfer case
  • Clocking Ring
Motor Swap
  • Swapping in a Ford 5.0 H.O.
  • Link
Tub Swap
  • Swapping a 95 YJ tub onto a CJ7
  • Link
Shock Towers
Shock tower
  • Custom made shock mounts
  • Link
Tube Bending
Shock tower
  • General knowledge about bending tube.
  • Link

The others will be added as time goes on.